BioUnzip: a program to expand BioZip archives
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Neverwinter Nights by Bioware is a popular RPG for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Bioware's own website states that in order to play NWN on Linux, you must either buy the Gold edition, download the Linux resources archive (1.2 gigabytes), or copy the game resources from a Windows installation.

What, then, for those of us who do not want to download 1.2 gigabytes of data and do not have a copy of Windows? A quick look at the installer CDs yields some rather dismaying information: CD 1 uses an InstallShield archive; CD 2 has an archive called 'disk2.bzf' on it.

It seems someone has already written a program to decompress InstallShield archives under Linux called Unshield, which is part of the SynCE package here on Sourceforge. However, CD 2 must also be decompressed, which is the reason this project exists.

Please visit the project page if you wish to download the latest release of biounzip. If you just want to get started playing the game, there is an install CD with precompiled binaries of both biounzip and unshield which is available here (86MB).

Since the NWN install CDs contain the 1.22 client resources, they must be updated to version 1.29 before they can be used. The install CD contains this update as well as the Linux version 1.29 binaries. There is a bash-based installer script for the original client as well as the two expansion packs and the Hordes version 1.62 update patch.

If there are any problems related to biounzip, please open a support request on the project page. If you have code to contribute, please post patches there as well.